A Comparatively Succinct Introduction

by Armac

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released February 4, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Anything That Is New
you say that i'm special but i'm not
you say taht i have something, what have i got?
just a worn out pair of shoes
and a big ol' case of the blues
and of course, i still don't ahve you

if you think that i'm happy then you're wrong
would a happy person really write this song?
though I go about my day
and pretend to throw my cares away
they are still there, keeping me at bay

i don't want anything
i don't want anything
i don't want anything that's new
i don't want anything
i don't want anything
and i certainly do not want you

walking through town who do I see
it's you and you're waving at me
so I wave back and smile
but what I'm thinking all the while, is
i wish you'd wave at someone less vile

then for the rest of the day I sit and think
and the more i do that the more I sink
into a deep self-loathing pit
which I do not like one bit
you're awesome, but I am most unfit


but the stupid thing is it makes my day
when I see you and you look my way
even though i self abuse
it's definitely not lose lose
and though I think less of me, i never would refuse
Track Name: There's A Song
theres a hole in my heart that you fill with a cork
and i love that you like me even though i'm a dork
thats the only rhyme
theres a place in my house that i'll have down the line
a place that both you and I will call 'mine'
its just a matter of time

til you and me
will be 'us' forever
that will be
a stark change for the better
so don't let that future ruin 'now'
Just come with me and I will show you how

theres a path in my brain to the front of my mind
I don't know where it is, but for you its not hard to find
it never takes long
theres a place by my side you inhabit a lot
and while you're there, where I am is my favorite spot
its where I belong

and down the road
that'll be the majority
our own abode
will be our priority
but dont run around in circles trying to find just where
just walk in a straight line until we're there.

theres a song in my book that is all about you
and every line is so fantastically true
no lies could outdo
Theres a smile on my face and i think you're to blame
because nobody else could do it the same
the way that you do

so i don't think
that it could be anyone but you
we're too in sync
nobody else will ever do
and never forget that you are my best friend
and as such i'll be here til the very end